Cells Tissues & Organs 
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OTM2107 Focuses on the structure and function of cells in plants and animals and on the organization of cells into tissues, and organ systems. Also included are teacher suggestions, resource lists, evaluation sheets and other cross-curricular activities, plus answer key. 22 Activities, 60 pages. Features: -Product Type: Hall Passes; Learning Tools; Lesson Planners.-Subject: Science.-Country of Manufacture: Canada.Dimensions: -Overall Product Weight: 0.38.

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The Game of Knowledge, which sports Trivial Pursuit-like design and directions, is stuffed with more than 1,500 brain-boggling questions and two sets of cards so that the whole family can play together: one set is for players ages 10 to 15; the other is for ages 16 and older. The goal is to answer one question correctly from each of six categories—Our World, Science, Nature, Sports, Media, and Fame—to earn six colored rings. The catch is that players can only collect rings if they answer questions correctly while positioned on one of the six Knowledge Bases.
The degree of difficulty between the sets of cards is slim enough to accommodate youngsters who want to challenge themselves by answering the questions meant for older players. "Which of these structures is tallest: the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or the Statue of Liberty?" If you answered, "the Eiffel Tower" (1,056 feet), you are correct. (By the way, parents, that was a children's question.) Here's one for adults: "Which epic poem tells of Odysseus' return to his homeland after the Trojan War: The Aeneid, The Iliad, or The Odyssey?" Your high-school English teacher is sighing in relief if you answered, "The Odyssey." —Cate Bick

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This family learning game features two sets of questions, letting grownups and kids compete equally. It challenges players to draw on their knowledge base for answers.

Horizons Math 
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The valuable Horizons 5th Grade Math Teacher's Guide includes: a daily lesson planner, duplication masters, answer keys, teaching tips, materials and supply lists, manipulation suggestions, a readiness evaluation test, and additional worksheets. The additional worksheet packet may also be purchased separately from the teacher's guide. The complete teacher's guide contains answers for Student Books 1 and 2.

Maximum Math 
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The ultimate guide to teaching math K-8. Now you can fill in gaps or allow the student to progress as far as ability allows. Teaching strategies provide you with ideas for working with all learning st

Moses, God's Brave Servant: Biblical Values 
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God wants Moses to lead his people out of Egypt. But the stubborn Egyptian king won't let them go! What will Moses do?

Noah and God's Great Promise: Biblical Values 
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When God tells Noah to do something—-like build a boat in the desert—-Noah does it! Even though his neighbors make fun of him, Noah gathers animals to live in the boat. What will happen to Noah and the animals?